Contributing to Moonshot

An introduction to contributing to the Moonshot project.

The Moonshot project welcomes, and depends, on contributions from developers and users in the open source community. Contributions can be made in a number of ways, a few examples are:

  • Code patches via pull requests
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bug reports and patch reviews
  • Reporting an Issue

How to Contribute

So, you want to help? Awesome! In order to guide this the best way we can and to make sure we can help you in either getting a bug fixed or improve our documentation. we are asking you to please include as much detail as you can. Let us know your platform and Moonshot version. If the problem is visual please add a screenshot and if you get an error please include the full error and traceback.

Submitting Pull Requests

Once you are happy with your changes or you are ready for some feedback, push it to your fork and send a pull request. For a change to be accepted it will most likely need to have tests and documentation if it is a new feature.


Even though this is an Open project, it does not mean that we have 24/7 support for it. The best way to make sure that we accept your bugfix or add in a feature you want is still to make a pull request and link it in the issue. Include some reasons how to reproduce or even better, make sure the bug is tested and passes highy increases your chances for the change to get committed.

So, you've done all that? It very likely that it could get committed really quickly but since some of the contributers to this project could be on a holiday or we are in no way responsible in actually merging it in soon. But have no fear! Since you filed a pull request from your fork, you are able to use a version of moonshot yourselves. And we promise you, we will do our utter best.

And again, thanks! We're looking forward working with you.